About Keith Harris

I am a man with a mission.

My burning desire to feel God’s love for me has enabled me to be where I am – having a loving, supportive family, financial stability, and a lifestyle that allows me to feel I am valued by someone, my existence matters to God.

It is that sense of being loved by God that changed my life, from heavy drinking, womanizing and senseless living to a purposeful life where I could see clearly what I needed to do to have what mattered to me – long-term relationship with a caring spouse, a child we could both dote on, long term careers, and last but not the least: God at the center of all these beautiful life goals.

I feel that everyone one on Earth is deserving of feeling being loved by God so that they too can design their lives as they want to, as beloved Christians.

That’s why I share my message with others through my books. Welcome to my world.