GOD Promises

GOD does not promise that everyday will be sunny but there will be rain also.The rainy days help us to appreciate the sunny days.GOD does not promise us we will not have pain and sorrow in our life but it makes us appreciate the happy, peace and joy that only JESUS can give.GOD does not…

Everyday is not the same and I think GOD for that because we have ups and downs but they help us to grow to be the person GOD wants us to be.

Thank you kind Jesus for another day

that we are so grateful for a day that’s a gift from you so we can tell people about your love for us and no matter what situation we are in we should no that GOD can deliver us and heal us.

Humans as Spiritual Beings

We can live life knowing God is there – out somewhere in ethereal space. This might be better than being an angry Athiest. But I believe we have to strive for…

Who is the Holy Spirit?

When you look up the meaning in a Dictionary, it says, noun (in Christianity) the third person of the Trinity; God as spiritually active in the world. In other words, the holy spirit is God’s power in action, his active force. Let’s see what Bible has to say, (Micah 3:8; Luke 1:​35) God sends out his…

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